Masculine Alchemy Founder, Issac Prado

Issac Prado

A near death experience changed my life forever...

After waking up from being left unconscious on the side of the road,
The question that kept coming to mind was,
"Why am I alive? What is my purpose?"

These questions led me to travel Asia and Southeast Asia for two years where I studied with Yoga and meditation masters.
I returned to the U.S. in 2017 with the mission to share my experiences and the practices that
helped me find inner-peace and equanimity and the confidence to

In 2020, during the midst of the pandemic, I was asked to help start a weekly Yoga for Men class in which I
immediately realized a one hour session was not enough time to dive deep into
the struggles that men face today. I had to create something that provided men an opportunity
to realize what was holding them back from their full potential and create a game plan to
achieve their life's task or mission.

Masculine Alchemy was created to assist men who seek a transformative experience in order to serve
and show up fully in their homes, families and communities. 

I have taught and assisted in Yoga trainings, workshops, retreats and events around the world. 

A few notable offerings I have facilitated are:

World Peace Meditation - McAllen, TX - 2014
Yoga Teacher Training - Nomad Yoga, Hoi An, Vietnam - April 2017
Tantra Yoga Retreat - San Marcos, TX - August 2016
Yoga Teacher Training - McAllen, TX  2017
Agnihotra Satsangs & Meditations - Austin, TX - 2018
Masculine Alchemy Emergence - Sayulita, Mexico - May 2021
Fuego y Hielo - McAllen, TX - October 2021
Masculine Alchemy Emergence 2.0 - Sayulita, Mexico - May 2023

I look forward to GROWING with you!