For those who are seeking more of one on one guidance,
the Masculine Alchemy Mentorship Program
is a 10 week system designed and crafted around your personal intention.

Every man has his own lessons, his own struggles, his own desires.

I am happy to guide and assist you in your evolution towards being the man you are at your core.

Full of Love, full of Peace and full of Presence.


Men's spiritual guidance
Shadow work and trauma healing
Tantric coaching
Guided meditations
Personalized Fitness regime

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In alchemy, the matter to be turned into gold must pass through a state called "nigredo", or
blackness, stripped of all its qualities. The matter must lie putrefying in silence.

Only by passing through this state will it eventually be perfected and glorified.

So it is also with ourselves. The light of the spirit comes after the dark night of the soul.